Connie Cohen

Connie Cohen | MA | LMFT | AT

My journey to become a therapist has been a rather circuitous one. My undergraduate degree is in Business and Studio Arts. I have a Masters in Architecture that then transitioned into graphic design. From there, I launched into mosaic art, teaching and creating custom installations for over a decade. I furthered my education and received a Masters in Psychotherapy that now allows me to combine my love of self-expression with my quest for deeper insight. 

Working with me, I will help you to unravel the thought processes that hold you in judgment, scarcity, and fear. I will encourage you to continue down your path when you get stuck. Through the process, I will empower you with tools that help reshape old beliefs, wrapping them with courage and self-compassion. I truly believe the healing process toward change occurs once YOU gain insight into yourself. In our work together, I will encourage, probe, and ask you questions to assist in that insight to foster self-empowerment through authentic self-expression. 

Above everything else, my source of inspiration has been raising my two boys (who are now young adults).  They have taught me how to listen and see things in a more open, accepting way. In my free time, I enjoy long walks with friends (both two legged and four), yoga, speaking Italian with anyone who will engage with me, and good food around a table filled with laughter and love.